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Call for GMO Labeling of Foods

Why this project?

The Biotech and Junk Food industries constantly trot out messaging about GMO safety.  One of their mainstream points is that the American Medical Association (AMA) says GMOS are safe and that labels aren't needed.  Although those of us in the field know these statements are misleading, that the AMA calls for more testing, their PR machines have, to date, won that message.  We need the medical community to call for the labeling of GMOs.

The AMA changed it's position about GMOs in 2012, where for the first time, they called for more testing, while still stating there was no need for labels.  In 2014, the Michigan State Medical Society introduced a resolution for the AMA to adopt a position on calling for labeling.  The resolution was accepted for a vote at the AMA conference in June 2014 but was defeated.

Action Steps for Health Care Providers

California, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan already have resolutions to label GMOs, but the AMA has ignored the "elephant in the room".  If other state medical societies to have resolutions to call for GMO labeling, the voice of the elephant gets louder.  The AMA is only one organization in the health care industry, but there are many other organizations out there who can help us convey the message to other doctors, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and health care providers.

Learn more about GMOs

  • Medical Professionals
  • Patient Information

Help educate others about GMOs 

  • Reach out to local medical groups
  • Speak to peers at conferences
  • Educate your peers and your patients
  • Write letters to editors in your journals, online and print



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