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NoGMO4Michigan is catching on like wild fire and we need your help.  Volunteers are the life-blood of our organization and without you we would cease to be.  Our organization is important and so are important part of the team that is making a difference in Michigan!

To make it easier to connect the right volunteers with the right jobs, we will post "job descriptions" here of things we need help with.   If you can help with any of the following jobs, please email and let us know.

Group Leaders or Co-Leaders - Each Area Group

Groups are springing up and leaders or co-leaders are needed.  We provide the materials and support to get your group off to a good start.  Leadership materials, Action Kit, and the people interested in attending your group meetings are provided.  Our computer system makes organization and emails easy and we show you how to make the most of it.

Find a place, date and time to meet and we will help you with the rest.  If you are interested in being a leader or a co-leader in your area, please email and join the leadership team.

Event Postings (State Level)

Someone is needed to keep all the events in the state posted on our website and create events in Facebook. Person would need to be familiar with computers and have internet access.  If this is something you can help with, please send us an email at and let us know.

Media/Public Relations (State Level)

Someone is needed to compile a list of contacts for various media channels, coordinate press releases and spread the word about our group. Print, tv, radio, internet and social media would be included. Requires excellent writing and communication skills.  If this is a good fit for you, contact us at

Fund Raising Committee Chair (State Level) and Each area Group

Organizing fund raising events for local groups and online.  Letter writing for donations and endorsements from businesses and organizations is needed.  If you have grant writing skills, don't be shy...we need you. Area group fund raising members will be responsible for calling local area businesses and individuals to collect in kind donations (such as t-shirts, print donations, event booth donated, banners, etc.) Please contact us at and we'll contact you. 

Special Events Coordinator - Each area Group

A Special Events Coordinator is needed for each local area group.

Responsibilities include planning and facilitating events from start to finish, such as:

Trade shows/ exhibitions
Fairs and festivals
Conferences, seminars and conventions
Charity fundraising events

Planning and managing an event is quite a challenging task. There are multiple aspects that need to considered and taken care of, to make it all successful. Most importantly, due to our non-profit status, planning and management tasks need to be performed keeping the budgetary considerations in mind.  Leads will be provided, great for a college student looking for some real life experience!

Researcher (State Level)

We need someone who can research information on the internet as needed and compile the data.  This position would be flexible and only require a few hours when needs arise.  Great opportunity for stay at home mom, student or someone who only has limited time to volunteer.  Please contact for questions or to volunteer.

Outreach Team Members - Each Area Group

Coordinator needed to organize outreach events.  Reach out to new members, supporters, and prospects about GMO's and the initiative and communicate organizational needs and recruit volunteers.

Group Outreach Team Members - Each Area Group

Coordinator to connect with groups and other organizations to build our network stronger through alliances.  Coordinators needed in each area group throughout Michigan.

Speakers Team - Each Area Group

Looking for a team member or two in each area group to speak at events and educate groups about GMO's and the threats they pose to our health and the environment. 

Buy GMO Free Michigan Validation Specialist (State Level)

Buy GMO Free Michigan is a new program we have started to help consumers find local GMO free products.  As products, farmers, restaurants, food artisans, retailers, and other institutions in Michigan our brought to our attention, we will need to verify that the product/good is in fact non-gmo.  If you have the skills to follow up with contacts as leads come in through the website, email, and by word of mouth and also have a good eye for detail with moderate to high knowledge of GMO's; we would love to have you help with this project!  Local food is fresher, tastes better, and has higher nutritional value.  Help us, help MI eat better.

Group Lead Trainer (State Level)

This person would be responsible to help organize and guide new group leaders as we grow.  Teach and review new leaders how to conduct a meeting, how to organize the structure of their group, how to use the website, how to create leads and follow up, etc..

Marketing Specialist - Each Area Group

Someone is needed to compile a list of contacts in the local area and spread the word about our group. Print, tv, radio, internet and social media would be included. Requires excellent writing and communication skills.

Farmer/Artisan Alliance - Each Area Group

Rep needed in each area group to network with local farmers and artisans and let them know that we support their efforts to continue growing non-gmo crops!  No GMO 4 Michigan wants local farmers using sustainable farming practices to know that we support them.  We will build a network of foods we know we can trust and eat and support local business.  If this sounds of interest, please contact us!




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