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No GMO 4 Michigan is dedicated to educating about the importance of buying GMO free and the benefits of buying local. Our new campaign, “Buy GMO Free Michigan”, will help consumers find local GMO free products while building relationships between growers, farmers markets, food artisans, retailers, and restaurants in Michigan.

About the Campaign

No GMO 4 Michigan believes that supporting a local GMO free culture is an important step in safeguarding our health, the quality of food, and strengthening of our communities. Our “Buy GMO Free Michigan” campaign will provide Michigan consumers with direct access to a local GMO free lifestyle through our directory.  We will educate consumers on health, farming, economic, and environment benefits of buying local, and will provide tools to advocate and educate.

Why join us?

Consumers are beginning to understand the importance of a GMO free lifestyle, they want to be involved, have their voices heard, and help to build a stronger community for us all.  We will be promoting the strong economic and lifestyle benefits of supporting a GMO free locally owned business like yours. The GMO free directory will include farmers, restaurants, eateries, shops, markets, and products made in Michigan, grown in Michigan, and loved by Michigan!

Membership Details

We ask that all of our members pledge to be GMO free and/or offer products free from GMO’s, support GMO education and awareness, and to act in ways that benefit our local economy.  Application is required. membership.png

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No GMO 4 Michigan
NoGMO4Michigan goal is to provide education to the citizens of Michigan regarding the direct correlation between the food they eat and the possible health related consequences.

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