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Banning GMO farming in Michigan.

Good Morning. I would like to start an initiative that will put a ban on the farming of GMO crops, fish and whatever else the twisted minds at Monsanto feel like altering.  I need help. I was thinking that I will put together a petition, collect signatures and take it to our lawmakers in Lansing in the hopes that I can get a rep to sponsor it.  I have never done this before and don't know where to start. Do you have any suggestions? Also, I would love the support of, once I get this thing rolling. Thanks :)

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GMO Awareness Meetings

We are in Michigan from Phoenix and South Africa doing meetings in lower Michigan. How can we get involved with you and help spread the word on the dangers of GMO's? 

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Global Protest



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comment states my name next to it not my user name. Not good.

I left a comment after signing up (and submitting my name and user name).  Much to my surprise my comment states my name next to it not my user name.  Not good.

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NoGMO4Michigan goal is to provide education to the citizens of Michigan regarding the direct correlation between the food they eat and the possible health related consequences.

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